• Writer. Educator. Marine Conservationist. Alex is all these, and more. Few people can claim they have taught thousands of people to dive, but Alex has. He has been part of Dive Training from its launch, writing dozens of articles for new divers. He has also written some of the most popular and significant books on diving theory and practice. In addition to his tenure at Dive Training, Alex has worked with a number of government and non-governmental organizations dedicated to protecting the health of coral reefs by integrating ecosystem management, sustainable tourism, and community partnerships. Alex holds an MA in instructional systems design, a dual MS in marine biology and coastal zone management, and a Ph.D. in marine science education from the Florida Institute of Technology. In 2001, Alex won NOAA’s prestigious Walter B. Jones Memorial Excellence Award for Ocean and Coastal Resource Management for his contribution to sustainable marine tourism.

Dr. Alex Brylske, The complete diver, Dive training magazine